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On Demand of Technical Services via seconded Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Automation resources that contain specific expertise and are local to the site. Years of knowledge in the areas of Maintenance, Operations and Administration.


Demand support services can also be provided in craft labor.


We can also provide a suitable payroll structure that is competitive but also focused on maintaining longevity in an uncertain resource market.

Supply of Consultative Services in Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Automation System that have been working in their  area of expertise supporting  an objective view point to facility concerns or challenges.


Consultation services can also provide objectivity and independent unbiased solutions.  High costs and missed schedules are factors affected by hidden problems.

M3TSS Innovative Technical  Solutions provide Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Automation System based Project Execution to your  Small Capital Investments, Operating and Maintenance concerns.


We engage from FEED, Detailed Engineered to supervision of the installation or modification of the work at site. Repeatable high value results by consistent proven designs inclusive of lessons learned. We deliver innovated process to reduce execution and delivery durations.

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