M3 Technical Services and Solutions, LLC
M3 Technical Services and Solutions, LLC
President Jose R Hernandez

Charities 2016

With over 40 years of  providing Technical Services and Solutions to the domestic and International markets, M3 Technical Services and Solutions was formed to expand the value chain to our customers as they have been demanding. Listening to our customers requests, we have also united with several first class successful businesses that have proven their services and solutions to the engineering industry. Our relationships are founded on Ethics and Integrity while supporting Safety, Quality, Schedule and costs assuring customers gets the right solution and product that they are looking for.

was initiated in 2014 in efforts to grow and build the technical services and engineering profession by offering customers local support from experienced resources that can resolve the highest customer problems in the Oil & Gas Field.  Our pride is to support the Gulf Coast market with resources in the Technical Service's market while offering Engineered Solution to those customers that demand above expectations for their investments.  M3TSS focuses on getting the job done instead of getting caught up in deep bureaucracies of todays companies nor do we limit the empowerment to our employees to solve real issues.


Our offerings are very competitive in the local market with minimizing layers of management, costly processes and procedures in getting work completed.  We can also attract top talent by offering suitable employment packages to qualified resources to sustain customer longevity, eliminate costs of mobilization and demobilization and supporting all safety and quality practices a customer expects.


Our product distribution business evaluates the latest Process Controls and Automation state of the art technology where innovation is part of the research and development. This allows for tomorrows technology protecting todays critical process.


M3TSS is not only committed to providing high quality of work but considers that giving back to the community is just as important. As an M3TSS employee, we emphasize to each employee provide a min of 8 hours of community support in efforts to promote a rich community value. M3TSS considers this part of the value of being local to our customers and being able to eliminate large company bureaucracies.

M3TSS is a Women and Minority owned business.

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