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M3TSS is proud to provide the Automation Solutions for the greatest Process Automation technology in the market. Once technically evaluated, you will be convinced of the importance of having this critical control and safety application in your operating facility from Distributed Control System (DCS), SCADA, Safety Integrated System (SIS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Fire & Gas (F&G) applications.


Not only is this equipment reliable, but it has the highest MTTFS a control system can have with greater than 60,000yrs.

Most Reliable System in the Critical and Process Control Automation Market

1ms - 5ms processing

Still supports installed hardware from 30 yrs

Easy to Use

Turbo Machinery  Protection

Tools and Data Sharing with Microsoft

Small footprint for those tight or lack of space

Over 9000 Global Processor Installations

Integrate to any Existing HMI

After the initial Sales, have you considered your 10 yr Support and Maintenance costs?

Hot Swaps

No Limitation to Online


Design Flexibility Single, Dual, TMR and Quad

Meets EX-IM Bank Requirements


Engineering and Operator Design

One company support for warranty or training

Custom Training

Standard Engineering for lower costs

Free Upgrades

10 yr Standard warranty

Nuclear, Upstream & Downstream Applications

Continuous improvements

Over 90+  customer lists of installed and running equipment


DOUBLE or Triple  the initial Price?

Now, How much is the elimination of a nuisance trip worth?

This does not represent cost savings from system shutdowns or upgrade reviews due to compatibility issues.

Just ask your procurement team to see what has been your 10 yr expenditures with your Automation  vendor or partner?

System and Product Details

The 3000 TAS is utilized in DCS, ESD, SIS, F&G, Turbo Machinery Application system and as an  approved for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications. It can be used as a stand-alone safety controller, as a distributed control system for critical applications, or both functions can be combined into a single 3000 controller. The 3000 TAS uses voting routines to ensure the process is protected and - equally important - the 99.9999% (6 NINES) availability insures that expensive downtime is eliminated. I/O redundancy can be achieved on a point-by-point basis. The integrity and availability of each input and output device can be configured as required by the application.

* TUV approved

* Capable of both control and safety

* One 3000 TAS controller can be applied to control applications while an identical 3000 TAS controller is applied for safety applications

* Triplicate and dual redundant configurations provide a SIL-3 safety rating

* Simplex configuration provides a SIL-2 safety rating

* Controllers communicate over a common peer network to a common suite of host applications

* Redundant or triplicate controllers can be housed separately to ensure survivability in a catastrophe

RTP 3000 TAS

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