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M3 Technical Services and Solutions business provides a series of valuable services and solutions that can be dependable and trustworthy to all its customers. Our business is divided into multiple Lines of Business which supports our customers Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Automation challenges when it comes to today's support strategies without burdening them with a large overhead or need to overcharge the customer.

Our three services Lines of Business - Demand Services, Consultation and Innovative Technical Solutions are by design created in order to offer the customer with only the requirement they have to meet their challenges. This allows us to minimize the organization structure that has no value add into the delivery and execution of the site need. This cost savings is then passed on allowing M3TSS to be competitive and a vital part of the customers need.

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Project Management Organization Services

(Under development)

Project Management Services in accordance to Professional Management Institute (PMI)


* Project Management                      * Contract Management Support       * Risk Mitigation and Analysis            * Safety

* Project Controls                             * Procurement                                   *  Human Resources                                 > Equipment

     > P3 & MS Project scheduling           > Bid Tab Analysis                              >Recruitment                                     > Safety Observations

     > Change Management                     > Frame Agreements

     > Cost Control                                  > Field Orders

     > Project Forecast

Our Services can be provided from the initial phase of case challenge to final monitoring and management of operations  analyzing performance. Proper Project Management in the early phases allows for increased operational efficiencies allowing for increased profits.

The right support can reduce your Life Cycle costs and reduce investment Risks

Project Management execution and consultation services are founded on the principals of Project Management Institute with focus on safety, quality, schedule and costs.

* Project Management                             * Schedule Development

* Project Engineering                               * Cost Management

* Project Controls                                     * Planning

* Risk Management                                 * Contract Management

* Procurement                                         * Human Resources

* Engineering Leadership                        * Resource Management

 Project Managers are encouraged to be PMP certified by the globally recognized Project Management Institute (PMIĀ®)


We also can provide a structured Innovation Environment & Champion to enable your most complex issues be analyzed properly utilizing the recognized certification body of the IAOIP organization. Enabling you to increase competitive position in your market.

Our Project Management services are led by individuals with experience in the product and services business. They have held very key positions enabling success to their customers Domestically and International. Vendor independence provides our customer an unbiased approach to providing the best services and solutions for operations and maintenance. We consider long term Operating and Maintenance costs impacts before we decide the overall execution and delivery approach. We work closely with our customers in a collaborative approach to deliver the investments intents.


In order to minimize risk, improve business results and provide the best value to our customers, we focus on innovative execution and processes to assure customer satisfaction.


Our FEED efforts are executed by design to provide an effective approach to eliminate risks while securing safety, high quality, on schedule and on budget cost approach.  Engagement models with all stake holders are encouraged exceeding expectations in every phase of the investment.

Process Automation Solution

Operation and Engineering Console Designs

Control Room


Engineering Console

Operations Console

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