M3 Technical Services and Solutions, LLC

M3 Technical Services Consultation


We focus on providing highly experienced resources and experiences operating facility leaders to customers that require on site technical, consultative services or experienced facility operators to eliminate the challenges faced with technology adolescence or operating inefficiencies in facility Maintenance or Operations.


We look for experience and skill sets that allow our customers to benefit from being challenged in the work assignments provided in their career. Some of the local resources that can be provided are on demand technical services that understand the site due to the extensive years at the site or supporting the customer. Some of the retired resources signing up to support the local shortages, provide more than experience, they provide mentor ship, coaching and risk reduction towards  facility work plans.


Technical Consultation Services


  • Process Automation Review
    • Capturing most out of your system
  • AutoCad support services
  • Walk Down validation services
  • Equipment Installation & Testing
  • Construction Support
  • Commissioning Support
  • Loop Checkout
  • Planning and Scheduling
    • P3
    • Microsoft Project
  • Turn Around Services
  • Pipping and Scaffolding supplemental support
  • Design Reviews
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

Online Consultation Services



   Coaching Areas - Oil & Gas

           Exploration & Production

  • Exploration
  • Reservoir Studies/Characterization
  • Well Drilling
  • Well Design and Construction
  • Production Methods
  • Heavy Oil Production
  • Optimization of Production Operations and Surface Facilities
  • Compression, Distribution and Gas Handling Systems
  • Corrosion Control and Materials for
  • Crude/Gas Facilities
  • Energy Integration and Process Optimization


       Refining, Commerce & Supply

  • Energy Integration and Process Optimization
  • Maintenance Optimization
  • Plan Reliability
  • Process Control and Automation
  • Refinery Economics
  • Storage
  • Handling and Logistics
  • Transportation of Hydrocarbon/Gas/Others
  • HC Valorization
  • International Commerce
  • Negotiation and Alliances
  • Planning and Optimization
  • Business and Petroleum Economy
  • Lubes Business
  • Retail Marketing

Web based events specifically oriented to cover the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry from experience O&G leaders:


• Without culture and language barriers - Seminars offered in both in English and in Spanish for professionals


• Speakers with experience at the operational field level, R&D and with access to new technologies


• Speaker and Consultants with academic levels of MSc and Ph.D.


• Innovations certified facilitators with proven processes to secure high level of confidence in solution outcome.


               Enabling Technologies

  • Safety, Health and Environment
  • Quality Assurance and ISO 900
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Management
  • Engineering & Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business and Economics / Project Management and Control
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management / Mentoring

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