M3 Technical Services and Solutions, LLC

Technical Demand Services


  • Administration/Clerical
  • Mail Room Clerk



  • AutoCad support services
  • Walk Down validation services
  • Equipment Testing
  • Construction Support
  • Commissioning Support
  • Loop Checkout
  • Planning and Scheduling
    • P3
    • Microsoft Project
  • Turn Around Services
  • Pipping and Scaffolding supplemental support
  • Design Reviews
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

M3 Demand Services focuses on providing highly experienced personnel to customers that require on site demand services for the different areas of Administration, Maintenance, Operations, Facility Turn-Arounds and general facility support without having to make any long term commitments.













We look for local experience and skill sets that allow our customers to benefit from being challenged in the work assignments provided at their locations. Some of the local resources that can be provided are on demand technical services that understand the site due to the extensive years at the facility or supporting similar customers in the area. As the industrial industry are challenged from a lack of skilled resources, strategies to fulfill the need to maintain operations requires a new level of consideration.


Being focused on providing the right services, we have aligned with local resources that are willing to sign up for local shortages, emergencies or on the spot demand service which are already known by the site. This provides immediate mobilization, understanding of safety requirements while providing a quick response to our customers. They have more than experience, they provide mentor ship, coaching and risk reduction towards  facility work plans.


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